The best way to get traffic to your blog efficiently and quickly is undoubtedly Back-Linking. When you search for something on Google, chances are that you’ll only click on the results on the first few pages and never click on the other page links. Have you ever wanted your website to be the highest ranking on Alexa, Google and all the Search Engines out there so that you can sit back, relax and watch your traffic statistics increase so rapidly every day?

Back-Linking is the key to successful Search Engine Optimization and generating constant traffic to your site. Very often I ask myself this question – How can I increase my Back-Links fast and easy?

Today we’re going to look at off-site optimisation, which is building links.

15 Ways to Build Links to Your Site

1. Content Syndication

Content Syndication is undoubtedly the best way to increase traffic significantly to your site efficiently. You’re literally leeching viewers from other bloggers’ sites; their readers might not even want to read from the original owner of the blog any more if your content is that good! Not only does guest posting get you traffic from relevant websites, it’s also a great way to get links with custom anchor text around the keyphrases you want to rank for.

I have written a guide to Guest Posting and Content Syndication that tells you more about the practice, so read that for a detailed guide on how to get links through this process. To explain how this works in the most basic of forms, when you write articles (for free) for another website, they’re happy to give you a backlink in the byline in return for your content.

2. Blog Commenting

Comments on blog posts are quite literally conversation starters between a blogger and their readers.Many bloggers appreciate good comments on their posts so they can build relationships with their readers.

If the comment doesn’t look spammy and genuine, chances are that the blogger will never take it down for a while. A comment can generate a constant supply of traffic to your blog!

3. Video Marketing

People love watching videos. It’s a fact! Nobody loves reading a boring chunk of text without any visuals whatsoever, and YouTube is the way to go. YouTube is the fastest growing from of marketing and it is great. If your video more likes and few dislikes, more visitors will come to your site! It’s quite common that most people just look at the like and dislike bar to judge whether they should click away or stay to watch.

4. Sponsor a WordPress Theme

This strategy is by far the most unique and strange way to increase your traffic. I was actually hoping somebody else would write about this service because it is a tad shady, and verging of the edge on the kind of topics I’ll write about. I am surprised no other large blogger (that I’m aware of) jumped on this sooner, because of how powerful this service actually is.

Sponsoring WordPress themes is one of the easiest and best way to get thousands of back-links. The web-designers on offer many beautiful themes for WordPress users available for sale to sponsors. When sponsors like you and me buy the WordPress theme, Regular Webmasters will receive high quality free WordPress theme for their projects. Every single time a WordPress Theme is downloaded, a back-link is created on the download page linking back to your website.

Why Sponsor with

  • In this business for 2.5+ years, released 361 themes and received 1,048,287 downloads and counting.
  • Alexa Rank is high and receive thousands of unique visitors daily.
  • Unlimited Back-Links for your website!

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way to increase traffic to your site fast, but it wouldn’t be easy. Search Engine Optimization is literally a number’s game - The survival of the fittest. There are billions of websites across the Internet and the number of blogs doubles every 6 months so there is an insane amount of competition.

There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimisation – On-site and off-site.

The key to On-Site Optimisation is keywords. I have written a guide on Keywords that tells you more about the practice, so read that for a detailed guide on how to get links through this process. To explain how this works in the most basic of forms, when you write certain keywords on your blog posts, Google picks them up and ranks them accordingly to the amount of keywords you have.

6. Be Useful

Pretty much every legitimate site on the Internet serves some useful purpose to it’s users. Facebook lets you keep in touch with friends and family. Google lets you find awesome websites. Digg lets you find news that you know hundreds of other people recommend. Youtube provides educational value, entertainment, product reviews and much more.

These are some high profile examples, but there are literally millions of useful sites online. This blog helps people leave the rat race and make a living online.

Ask yourself whether your site is helping people to fill a need. If it’s not, then why should people care about you? This might not sound great but everyone active online in any space online is generally just thinking about what’s in it for them. After all, many people use Google searches

If you can give people what they want, you can receive what you want.

7. Forum Marketing

Forums are the best place to add value to the Internet community. Thousands of people participate in forums on a daily basis and it is usually a place to fire questions away like bombshells in a war. The whole place is filled with people around the world curious about niches they aren’t familiar with. That’s where you enter the big picture, helping people with their problems and providing solutions to their needs.

My personal favourites are the Warrior Forums and WickedFire Forums as Internet Marketing forums, some high profile examples of excellent forums to start off with.

Forum users tend to be more biased to certain prolific users. For example, Alexa Smith, a regular and respected poster on the Warrior Forums. She provides solutions to countless peoples’ problems every single day and has a renown reputation among the Warriors! If she posts a link to her blog or writes a good comment on a site, chances are that hundreds of people will visit the site in just a mere hour.

Unlike blogs where you get no-follow links for contributing to the discussion, most forums allow you to have a (followed) link in your signature, every time you make a post. If you’re already active on some communities online, see if you can put a link in your signature. This link in your signature can allow you to produce back-links quickly and what’s more, you can control the amount of back-links you have!

I really don’t recommend you sign up on lots of sites just to get links, but if there are sites that you’re really interested in and want to participate, then link back to your site. Note that if you have 10,000 posts on a forum already and add a link there, that’s not going to be anywhere near as powerful as 10,000 links where each is from a different site.

8. Utilise Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 is the next big thing on the Internet – hands down. Utilising free content sites like SquidooGather and Hubpages. These sites basically allow you to sign-up, write about whatever you please, and link to yourself however you want.

If you are going to use sites like this, at least take the time to to create a good resource for users, rather than just throwing links to all of your sites in there. Not only will that make your link more valuable (more relelvant and on a page with lots of content) but its better for these communities – so they won’t remove your blog if it looks too spammy. The entire strategy is called “Link-Wheel” whereby you create links to your multiple mini-blogs and your main site as well. Readers to each of the mini-blogs click on the links to your mini-blogs and increasing your overall main blog traffic as a whole.

9. Ego-Bait

My favourite personally is Ego-Baiting, it’s a simple and fast way to get traffic to your blog if you get lucky and do it correctly. Ego-Baiting is basically writing a top list of great bloggers in your particular niche, and when your readers and fans come to your site to read your content, they’ll have a strong impression on which blogs they must check out. Be sure to add some links to your top list! For example, I wrote a top list on my blog titled

“Top 5 Online Business Bloggers That Will Make You Rich”

This article got the approval of Pat Flynn, author of , and naturally curious readers of his blog will visit his Facebook page and click on the backlink to my site, increasing overall blog traffic. The strategy is quite literally tapping on their egos to increase traffic.

10. Use Article Directories

A much better source of links if you want to receive them in return for your content is using article directories. There are a lot of awful, highly spammed directories out there, but there are definitely a few worth looking for.

My favourites include Ezine ArticlesArticle Dashboard and Go Articles. Ezine and a number of other sites review articles manually first so you’re not going to be able to spam them (which you shouldn’t want to, anyway). However, if you write good content, or pay someone else to, then you can get a great link in return.

11. Write Awesome Content

Have you noticed how humorous content on 9Gag get thousands of shares and likes very quickly? The same logic applies to your written content! Great content will get noticed much easier than your usual content with lesser word count. I’ve repeated this statement a couple of times in my previous posts but I can’t stress this enough – People use the Internet to find solutions.

Providing awesome solutions in your niche for your readers will most likely increase the sharing of your article on social networks. Another tip I found very useful for me is Writing Good Headlines, it might seem unique and weird but good headlines definitely help to intrigue and keep your readers on your post. I found this strategy out through Sherman Smith and his blogging tips, you might want to click on the link of his name to take a look at his blog. He writes some awesome blogging content.

12. Social Networking

Social Networking is the future of the Internet. Almost everyone using the Internet have Facebook and Twitter accounts. With billions of users on the top social networks every single day, marketing with the social web is the best solution for attracting audiences to your site. After all, it’s long been recognized that word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising, and social network is just an online extension of that. I am going to provide a few tips for building blog traffic with social networking.

I have written a massive guide on Social Networking that tells you more about the practice, so read that for a detailed guide on how to get links through this process. To explain how this works in the most basic of forms, sharing your content through the social media can publicize your site over a large audience on the Internet just through a click of a button.

13. Design a Unique and Beautiful Site

First impressions are important – Both online and offline. I personally like using and hire a designer to customize the design for you.

Once you have a beautiful site in place, there are literally thousands of link opportunities. There are tons of sites which showcase beautiful designs and offer a link to the site so people can view the real thing, rather than a screenshot or thumbnail. The 2 mentioned above are some high profile examples.

14. Interview someone important

Send out a few e-mails to some of the top bloggers in your niche. Crazy? You might think so, but definitely not. There is a slight chance that the particular pro-blogger will reply your e-mail positively. Getting an interview slot with Glen Allsopp or Pat Flynn will be absolutely awesome for your blog traffic and your reputation.

Even if it’s just 20 minutes of their time, you can have bragging rights that you have interviewed one of the most prolific people on the Internet. What’s more? They’ll probably mention you on their Facebook page or Twitter. You can interview people who you hope will link back to the interview from their own sites. Or, you can utilise your connections (or hustle, hard) and interview someone the average person couldn’t get to answer their questions.

If you successfully managed to land an interview Oprah Winfrey, millions around the world would get linked to it naturally.

15. Fiverr Gigs

The simplest way to get traffic to your site for cheap is Fiverr. Many sellers on Fiverr offer services to increase your back-links manually or automatically for only $5 USD and they are pretty effective. The seller usually have programmes installed like Bookmarking Demon or Back-Link Speed that might be much more expensive if you purchase it.

For cheaper services, sellers can offer various avenues of growth to your site!

My thoughts On Back-Linking

Back-Linking will be the gateway to the future of the Internet. We must start using these Back-Linking strategies now before the competition on the Internet keeps on increasing until we finally get buried and fossilised in the Google rankings.

Back-Linking is literally a number’s game - The survival of the fittest. A game that these tips will help you play and win.

Follow these strategies, and start winning today.

If you like this article, be sure to comment and follow me on Twitter ! Subscribe to my RSS Feed if you haven’t already for updates on blog posting!

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  3. Aktoploika says:

    Great list!
    However, I want to ask you about strategy 4.
    Isn’t that a black hat technique? I mean, are the links visible or not? If they are hidden then this is a black hat technique. I have seen it many times.
    Even if the links are visible, then your link may grow in an extreme fast way, and this may raise some flags for Google. And you never know what may happen in 1-2 yrs. Those “thematically irrelevant” links may be devalued or even hurt you in the future.
    I want to say, to sum it up, that we must always look at the far future as well, not only the near one, especially if we promote long lasting services/products.

    • Jie Hao says:

      Thanks Aktoploika! I really appreciate your compliments. I would love it if you could subscribe to my RSS Feed or bookmark my site. I’ll be putting up some awesome content over the next few days and I bet you’ll love it. :D

      With regards to your question, I doubt it is a black-hat technique. The links are visible, however you have an option of removing the credit links as well. For example, 100 people download the sponsored theme, you can choose to retain 50 credit links.

      It is completely up to you on how many links you would want to create, although I recommend creating a few back-links a day and over a period of time, the credit links will accumulate.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be more than happy to answer them :)

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